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PRO K Cooler Multi Socket Jonsbo CR-601 Black - RGB |115x,AM3/4,FMx

PRO K Cooler Multi Socket Jonsbo CR-601 Black - RGB |115x,AM3/4,FMx

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CR601 is a cross air blow CPU radiator with 4 heat pipes, with a new design colorful colors changing system. By using 12cm large size cooling fan and design with dense cooling fins, it can have large blowing rate in low fan speed, and so low noise level with high cooling performance. Different from traditional light effects cross air blow radiator, CR601 adopts rectangular colorful light changing system on the top of the fins, which is parallel to the side panel of the case, and so it lets a cross air blow radiator display the light effect completely. On the exterior design, CR601 solves the problem of traditional radiator which exposes the heat pipes on the surface, and so it looks like refined and simple.


Radiator Size: 158mm(H)* 75mm(W)* 122mm(L)
Fan Size: 120mm* 120mm* 25mm
No. of heat pipe:4 PCS
Operating Voltage: 12V
Fan Connector: PWM 4PIN
Fan Rotational Speed: 800-1500RPM±10%
Fan Airflow: 21.6-50.4CFM
Noise Level: 17.5-31.2Dba
Maximum Air Pressure: 1.22mmH2O
Weight: 650g
Compatibility: Intel LGA775/115X,AMD AM2/AM2+/AM3/AM3+/AM4/FM1/FM2/FM2+
Max. CPU Power Consumption: ≤ 130W

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