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ATX Racing R1 Gaming Table

ATX Racing R1 Gaming Table

Our Price:
Incl. VAT: €415.01
Excl. VAT: €351.70

Warranty: 24 months  (Terms & Conditions)
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We offer you an unparalleled experience, connect your computer, laptop or video game console to our table via USB and you will have a unique space at all times thanks to the lighting of the RGB LEDs (7 colors).


Exclusive gaming design combined with the best quality materials.
Aluminum armrest area with an inclination of 7.5º for total comfort for long gaming sessions.
Aluminum structure with RGB LEDs incorporated in the legs.
Carbon fiber double reinforcement canvas, with which you will create a unique and exclusive space, details that make the difference.
Our R1 model incorporates last generation RGB LEDs that change color (7 colors).
All our models of tables incorporate adjustable tacos to level your table whenever you need it.

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