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Powerwalker Basic VI 1000 SB UK Art. No. 10121098

Powerwalker Basic VI 1000 SB UK Art. No. 10121098

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Warranty: 24 months  (Terms & Conditions)
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The PowerWalker Basic VI 650/850/1000 SB series is designed to answer the essential market needs. This line interactive UPS will protect your load from power failures and voltage disturbances, while remaining affordable and compact. It is equipped with a USB port with HID support allowing easy and immediate communication with any O/S


MODEL VI 650 SB VI 850 SB VI 1000 SB
Item Number (Type F outlet) 10121066 10121067 10121068
Item Number (Type E outlet) 10121069 10121070 10121071
Item Number (Type G outlet) 10121096 10121097 10121098
Power (kVA) 650VA 850VA 1000VA
Power (kW) 360W 480W 600W
Voltage 162-290 VAC
Plug Standard: Type F or British Type G
Frequency Range Auto-sensing at 50Hz 60Hz
Voltage 230 VAC ±10%
Freqency Range 50Hz or 60Hz +/-1Hz
Waveform Pulse Width Modulated Alternating Voltage
Switching Time Typical 4ms
Outlets 2 x Type F or 2x Type E (French)
or 2x Type G (British)
3 x Type F or 3x Type E
or 3x Type G
AC Mode 95,3% 96,4% 96,5%
Port USB Port with HID support (cable not provided)
Software PowerWalker PowerMaster available on website
Amount 1x5Ah/12V 1x6Ah/12V 2x5Ah/12V
Charging Time 8h to 90%
Half-Load backup time 4,5min 7min

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