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Powerwalker VFD800 IEC/UK

Powerwalker VFD800 IEC/UK

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An Offline or Stand-by is the basic idea of an uninterrupted power supply system. Off- Line UPS models protect against power failures only

This kind of UPS switch to battery power in case the voltage is 10% lower than the typical input voltage range. If voltage range comes back to a normal level the UPS switch back to AC power mode.

The benefit of Off- Line UPS is the simplicity and low costs. Installation is easy and quick.

Off- Line UPS are designed for small budgets and less critical loads with a wider input tolerance.


PowerWalker VFD 800 IEC - Art-No 10120405
- 800VA Off-Line UPS
- 2x IEC outlets
- LED Indicators
- Discharge, Overcharge, Short circuit and Thermal protection
- Slim and compact design

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