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Powerwalker VI 1500 LCD

Powerwalker VI 1500 LCD

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Warranty: 24 months  (Terms & Conditions)
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A Line- Interactive UPS offers backup function and automatic voltage regulation (AVR). AVR regulates voltage to the appropriate level by decreasing it during surges or swells or increasing it during a sag or burnout. The advantage is a better protection for sensitive IT- and household equipment and avoids damage caused by voltage up- and downturn.

AVR function also benefits the battery lifetime. As long as voltage level is not lower than 70% to 90%, or higher than 110% to 125% AVR will adjust voltage to normal level. I case the voltage drops to a lower or higher level, the UPS will directly switch to battery mode to avoid dropouts and damage of the connected equipment.

Line- Interactive UPS offers USB port (RS-232) to connect to a multitude of operating systems for monitoring voltage, power and battery status.

Line- Interactive UPS are designed for medium cost application with moderate load levels


PowerWalker VI 1500 LCD/UK - Art-No 10120032
- 1500VA Line-Interactive UPS
- 5x UK Outlet, RJ11 (in/out)
- USB Connection for monitoring
- LCD display to show all UPS settings
- Cold DC start, Eco mode and AVR function

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