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Transcend 4GB MicroSD CL4/adapter

Transcend 4GB MicroSD CL4/adapter

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Incl. VAT: €3.36
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Warranty: 60 months  (Terms & Conditions)
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Smartphones, tablet PCs, ebook readers, hand-held game consoles and other devices usually have a limited amount of built-in storage. Transcend’s Class 4 microSDHC cards are a cost-effective way to expand device memory capacity and store many times more movies, music, ebooks and app data.


- Great compatibility with mobile devices
Compatible with cell phones, eBook readers, tablet PCs, etc.
- Available with full-size SD/SDHC adapter
Allows the microSDHC card to be used in full-size SD or SDHC card slots
- Extremely compact dimensions
Only 10% the size of a standard SDHC card

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