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Mediatech DVB-T2 HD Digital MT4159

Mediatech DVB-T2 HD Digital MT4159

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Warranty: 24 months  (Terms & Conditions)
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Media-Tech increased the offer of DVB-T2 DIGITAL TV BOX MT4158 for all those who want to create the Home Entertainment Centre in quick way.

This DVB-T tuner with HDMI is an excellent addition to any computer or TV set allowing to have digital television and radio.

The biggest advantage of this tuner is appliance of the HDMI connector which allows you to send a full stream of data without compression, so you can freely enjoy of watching programs in HD quality.

MT4158 allows to watch your favorite TV programs and offers a very useful feature - TimeShift (recording of time-shifted data on media connected to USB port).

There is a remote control including in set allowing a complete control of all the functions of this device.

An important feature of MT4158 is the compatibility with DVB-T standard (terrestrial digital TV standard used in whole Europe), which allows to enjoy digital quality of picture and sound quality of DVD without requiring us to buy a satellite kit. The signal is transmitted from terrestrial transmitters, so it is possible to receive it through antenna of analog television. DVB-T provides also the additional services such as Electronic Program Guide (EPG).

Reasonable price of tuner combined with its functionality make the DVB-T2 HD DIGITAL TV BOX MT4159 is a perfect tool to create a Home Entertainment Centre. In addition to receiving the digital TV, the tuner allows you to playback the recordings, listen to the music from MP3 files, view the photos in jpg format. With this device you can rapidly perform a spectacular presentation of your photos with a background music. Additionally the menu was enriched with three games steered by remote control.

Quick and easy software update via USB is an extra feature of this tuner. Quick and easy software update via USB is an extra feature of this tuner.

MT4158 i MT4159 can be connected with following cables:
- component audio-video (so-called composite, 3 x CINCH) or
- SCART (known as Euro-connector),
MT4159 can be also connected with HDMI cable.
Additionally both tuners have digital audio output (COAXIAL).


• DVB-T Digital TV Receiver with HDMI
• Compact size
• Easy to setup
• Suitable for most TV set types
• Remote control
• Multilanguage OSD menu
• H.264 (MPEG-4/AVC) decoding
• USB port for card reader/HDD connection
• Timeshift *)
• One-touch recording to media connected to USB port **)
• Recording one channel and watching another channel in the same time ***)
• Favorite channel list
• EPG for present and next 7 days
• Channel search with automatic scan
• Games
• Media playback
• Firmware upgradeable via USB
• Dimensions: 235x127x36mm
• )* Available when HDD or 2GB memory card connected
• **) Available for minimum 4GB card or HDD
• ***) Only when all channels are broadcasted on the same frequency

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