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Mediatech Bluetooth MT5004

Mediatech Bluetooth MT5004

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Warranty: 24 months  (Terms & Conditions)
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MT5004 BLUETOOTH STICK it is a product providing a way of wireless communication between your computer and other Bluetooth device; for instance mobile phone or digital camera.

BLUETOOTH STICK makes possible providing the data transmission from the mobile devices and computer, synchronization of the address book and the calendar, using wireless networks, sending and receiving of e-mails, access to the internet etc.

MT5004 enable fast transmission of data (up to 3 Mb/s) and the range of 10 meters allows for comfortable work.


• BLUETOOTH 2.0 stick
• Class 2
• Operational range up to 10m
• Max. data transfer : up to 3Mbps with EDR
• Driverless installation
• VOIP compatible
• Independent address code
• Windows XP/Vista 32-bit compatible
• USB interface

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