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Spire HDD Enclosure IDE/Sata Sp176

Spire HDD Enclosure IDE/Sata Sp176

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Incl. VAT: €26.60
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Warranty: 12 months  (Terms & Conditions)
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The all new IDE+SATA SliderPro harddrive enclosure offers you the very best in design, combined with the peace of mind that Spire is protecting your harddrive with its all aluminium casing for maximum heat dissipation and strength. And to make it that much easier, the SliderPro also comes with a handy one touch backup feature to make and keep life easy.


* 3.5''HDD/SSDEnclosure, supports 3.5'' IDE HDD & SATA HDD/SSD
* Portable data for home or office use
* Plug & Play and hot swappable
* Including USB cable for direct operation
* USB2.0 High-speed data transfer
* Vibration proof anti-shock design
* Aluminum alloy body for the best heat dissipation
* Front exhaust fan for great cooling and product longevity
* Easy to backup your data with One Touch Backup function (OTB function is not available on windows 7) .
* Copy, move and place files by simply drag and drop
* Works with notebook, Mac and desktop pcs

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