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Eminent EM6000 Sec Kit rec/160GB

Eminent EM6000 Sec Kit rec/160GB

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Incl. VAT: €707.71
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Warranty: 24 months  (Terms & Conditions)
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Keep an eye on your belongings with the Eminent Security Kit. This kit is all that you need to monitor your belongings the optimal way. The package consists of a Security Recorder 160Gb, an Indoor Dome Security Camera, an Outdoor/ Indoor Infrared Security Camera, two cables (20 meters) and power supply.

With the security cameras you can monitor indoor and outdoor areas securely and comfortably. The security cameras enable you to watch images in a 70 degrees angle. The Outdoor/Indoor Infrared Security Camera is fitted with infrared leds so you can still see up to 15 meters in dark areas. The security cameras are provided with mounting materials.

The Eminent Security Recorder is a standalone DVR recorder, with a built-in 160Gb harddisk. It can connect with up to 4 analogue cameras such as the EM6020 or EM6025 Eminent Security Cameras. Thanks to its built-in MPEG-4 compressor, the Security Recorder can store high-quality video for extended periods. Disk usage on the highest quality setting (frame, 30IPS) is approximately 25Gb per camera, per 24 hours.

The Security Recorder has a MPEG-4 processor that allows you to record and playback video at the same time, with no loss of quality. So if you enter playback mode, the Security Recorder will keep on recording in the background. Try that with a VHS-loop tape!

Should you need to backup a specific recorded event, you can use the built-in USB port to backup to an external harddisk or flash device. When you have the Security Recorder connected to a network, you can even use the network-backup function. Additionally you can export your video as an AVI file and burn it to a CD-rom.

You can choose to record on specific times or when motion is detected. The Security Recorder notifies you by email and stores images on an external FTP site. With the Eminent Security Recorder, you won't be missing anything!


Mpeg-4 DVR recorder with 160Gb harddisk and remote control
Dome camera for indoor security
Infrared security camera for outdoor and indoor usage
Security Recorder is fitted with motion detection and time based recording
Record and playback at the same time
Connect up to 4 analogue cameras
Remote management by LAN network
Easy installation
5-Year warranty
Accessible helpdesk
Multilingual user manual
2 video cables 20 meters and remote control included

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