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Eminent EM4483 Wireless IPCAM

Eminent EM4483 Wireless IPCAM

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Warranty: 24 months  (Terms & Conditions)
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MPEG-4 Internet Camera. This camera allows you to watch live video images via the Internet or on your network. The camera features a hardware MPEG-4 compression engine. This allows for very fluid video and audio, even when using the camera over low-speed internet connections! Adjustable for 256 to 1024 Kbit upstream locations.

The 6 built-in infrared LEDs ensure you'll always get a clear picture, even in the dark. The highly sensitive microphone provides audio to go along with your video streams. The EM4483 is fitted with motion sensors so that you can perfectly monitor your house. You will receive an email when motion is detected. You can also save images on a server and watch it later on.

The Eminent Wireless MPEG-4 Internet Camera can be mounted to wall or ceiling using the supplied mounting kit. This camera is equipped with a built-in 54Mbit wireless module. Thanks to the WPA encryption you securely link the camera to your modem or router


Wireless Internet camera to watch live video images via the Internet
Wireless 54Mbps with encryption (WEP, WPA)
Fitted with 6 infrared LEDs for night vision
Built-in microphone and motion sensor
Surveillance software supports up to 16 cameras
Mpeg4 audio/video encoder, high resolution 640 x 480 and 100Mbps LAN
5-Year warranty
Easy installation
Accessible helpdesk
Multilingual user manual

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