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Eminent EM4060 10/100 HDD Box

Eminent EM4060 10/100 HDD Box

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Warranty: 24 months  (Terms & Conditions)
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With the ever increasing speed of Internet connections, you will most certainly face a lack of space for storing your valuable film collection, music and other multi-media files. Extra space would be welcome, especially when multiple users use the same network. Of course you can always set-up one pc as a server, but realise it has to be on 24/7.

Why not sue the Eminent EM4060 network hard disk enclosure? The EM4060 is the perfect hard disk enclosure for all 3.5" hard disks. You connect the EM4060 to a router or ADSL modem in order to share your files. From that moment on, the users in your account list have access all of the time and every time via the Internet. Better yet: wherever you are, you can have full access to your own files. How useful! The EM4060 is a more than flexible solution that really completes your network.


Aluminium network harddisk enclosure for 3.5" harddisk
Full aluminium casing with built-in cooling fan
Perfect for creating a LAN disk or a portable harddisk (USB 2.0)
10/100Mbps RJ45 Fast Ethernet connection
With built-in FTP server
Easy installation

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