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PowerWalker VI 1000 SCL UK Art No. 10121155
Protect your devices in case of a power outage.
5 in Stock
PowerWalker MBS/PDU 19in 1-3kVA for all 1-3KVA Rack Type UPS Art. No. 10120501
An external Maintenance Bypass Switch with function of a PDU (Power Distribution Unit). It provides continuous power...
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PowerWalker VFI 1000 CRM LCD/UK Art No. 10122018
Protect your devices in case of a power outage
3 in Stock
PowerWalker Solar Inverter 3600 LGT OFG Art. No.10120227
This inverter will function as a centralized power solution to combine and coordinate: the incoming power of the...
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PowerWalker VI 1000 R1U IEC/UK Art. No. 10120703
The PowerWalker VI R1U is a Line-Interactive rack UPS solution. Thanks to its 1U design, the UPS fits in nearly every...
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PowerWalker SNMP Card 2 (for VI R1U) Art. No. 10131008
SNMP card for power walker models.
5 in Stock
Powerwalker VFI 3000 ICR IoT UK Art no. 10122211
PowerWalker VFI 1000-10K ICT/ICR IoT series is the next generation of UPS, offering an intuitive App for remote...
1 in Stock
PowerWalker BP A72RM-12X9Ah for VFI 2000/3000 RMG, CRM, CRS Art. No. 10120550
BP uses empty housing number 10134001 Battery Pack for VFI 2000/3000 RMG (12x9Ah, 72VDC). Includes 2 strings of 6...
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PowerWalker VFI 3000 CRM LCD/UK Art No. 10122020
Protect your device in case of a Power Outage.
2 in Stock
PowerWalker IEC Cable 16A C19/C20 (180cm) Art. No. 91010028
IEC Cable
10+ in Stock
PowerWalker VI 650 SH IEC/UK Art No. 10120057
PowerWalker VI SH provides comprehensive protection and high power density in small and economic package. The UPS can...
10+ in Stock
PowerWalker DC UPS 12V Art. 10120430
Protect your devices in case of a power outage
3 in Stock
PowerWalker VFI 2000 CRM LCD/UK Art No. 10122019
With true double-conversion online UPS design, PowerWalker VFI CRM LCD series and its long-run version VFI CRS LCD...
2 in Stock
PowerWalker BP A240R-20x9Ah VFI 10000 P/RT Art. No. 10120539
BP uses empty housing number 10120524 Battery Pack for VFI CRM LCD (20x9Ah, 240VDC). Includes 1 string of 20 batteries,...
On Order
PowerWalker VI 1200 SH IEC/UK Art No. 10120059
PowerWalker VI 1200 IEC/UK is a Line- Interactive UPS which provides high performance and reliable and cost-effective...
6 in Stock
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