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OSMI Revolution
Experience the power and performance of a full-size desktop in a sleek form factor measuring only 18cmx18cmx25cm,...
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System 9
Powerful , Efficient , Elegant but Fearless - a gaming beast powered by an Overclocked Intel 9700k CPU, 360mm RGB...
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MSI Codex S 8RA-003XEU
Do you remember those days of your youth when you dreamt of being a hero on his path to saving humanity? Or maybe you...
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System 5
One of our aims is to make gaming more affordable.For all those looking for a great system at a very affordable price,...
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System 6
This new machine configured in this awesome MSI tempered glass RGB case, the Core i5 9600k cpu ,a Antec RGB 360mm water...
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System 4
Assembled in the elegant Antec ARGB gaming case woth Tempered Glass with a Gold rated power supply unit and elegant...
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System 7
MSI Gungnir 100D case with front MSI dragon design on front panel ,Thermaltake RGB Gold PSU unit, Antec 360mm RGB...
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System 10
Thermaltake's high end case , armoured with the latest Core i9 9900k ,Thermaltake's Premium RGB liquid cooler 360mm and...
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System 3
This system is assembled in the Thermaltake Versa J25 Tempered Glass case. System 3 is enhanced and now powered by...
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MSI Infinite 8RB-667EU
To ensure outstanding performance, MSI gaming desktops are equipped with an exclusive and powerful cooling system...
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MSI Infinite S 8RA-032EU
The components within an MSI Gaming Desktop are selected and tweaked to get you the best performance and experience...
On Order
System 2
Featuring the new Antec RGB Chssis with tempered glass, a quality RGB PSU from Thermaltake, 16GB of ram and GTX...
3- in Stock
System 8
An upgraded system from last month, built in the Thermaltake View 23TG ARGB gaming case , with 4 tempered glass...
3- in Stock
System 1
An RGB entry level gaming system featuring the popular case from Raidmax with RGB Lights, Thermaltake Smart RGB PSU and...
3- in Stock
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